4 Job openings: Vortex Comics is hiring, again

Vortex Comics put up a vacancy for creative writers 4 months back. They are hiring again.

Vortex is a Lagos Based Creative Content company and they are behind memorable comicbooks like Orisha Pikin, Agbara, Mumu Juju and Strike Guard!

This time, the brilliant minds who will lead the Vortex to her new phase, are you that creative, determined and experienced team mate? Are you willing to learn and dedicate 14 hours daily to bringing African stories not just to life but to her people?

Now the Company needs: A content expert/Editor, A social Media guru, A Marketter (Marketting), Bus.Development.

Join the force!

If you’re interested in taking any of these roles then slide into their DM and APPLY at jobs@vortex247.com with CV / Resume and any further information you deem relevant. Remember the interview begins from your email.

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