With Love, From The Grave

Coco Adeyemo has always had a way with words. They roll off her tongue with
relative ease so don’t be too surprised at how effortlessly they seem to tumble
unto the pages in this short story.

Love From The Grave
is funny, messy, moving and cruel. It tells of
betrayals and a reminder of how people can change with less effort than a
chameleon adopts new colours.
Adeyemo serves up a steaming dish of love spiced with some hatred, spite and
deceit. Nothing jars you harder than meeting the major character (Mahmood) in
the grave, almost immediately after his death. You’re instantly curious to know
how he died; what to attribute his sudden passing to. 
This the writer is
successful at keeping away from the reader until she hits you with it just at
the right time.
is not a Sherlock Holmes wannabe. Neither is it an attempt to sell heaven to
you. It is what it is – a story filled with strong emotions. Perhaps too strong
to be crammed into less than a hundred pages. 
But that’s the overall beauty of
this work.
the writer grows, expect her work to become even more fluid. For a first
attempt at a short story, Adeyemo’s WLFTG is definitely praise and

‘Segun Odejimi


Segun Odejimi is a Writer, Critic and Editor at Nollywood’s number one organic website; www.tns.ng

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