“I Watch Football to Take my Mind Off Writing Deadlines” -Tomi Adesina

The last time, I made a bet that you can’t guess which writer I’ll interview next.  Well… I was right! And I’ll have to tell you now.

Gender: Female

Name: Tomi Adesina 

Book: George’s Pieces of Me

Relationship Status: married (Just joking. I don’t know, follow her on Twitter/Instagram and ask her yourself. Hehehe)

About: Tomi is an author, poet, award-winning fiction blogger and screenwriter. Winner of the Nigerian Writers Award for Best Young Writer 2015.

Her short stories have been featured in magazines across Africa. She has several TV credits to her name including Deadline (Season 1), Broadway, My Flatmates, The Other Me, Hakkunde and other TV shows. George’s Pieces of Me is her first published work.

We had an Interesting chat with Tomi. Check it out

Q: Tell us, Tomi, what don’t we know about you, and what’s a typical day in your life like?

A: Erm, what an interesting way to start an interview. LOL. A typical day for me starts out with reading the items I have set out to achieve for the day, I usually have a list of what to do and I tick them off as soon as I accomplish them. I write for most of the day, so I am always on my laptop except for when I have to do other stuff like getting food. I do not go out a lot, which I don’t consider exactly great for a writer but I just have a thing against being in a car for too long and on the road, so, as much as it is within my power, I do a lot of things from my home. Weekends are for football for me, so I use that as an opportunity to catch up on games and take my mind off writing deadlines.

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Q: Cool! Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two about football sometimes. Why do you write?

A: I write to live. Writing is an important gift to me from God so I am always pleased to get myself before a laptop or with a pen and a paper. Writing is passionate so I write to express emotions and give people something to relate with, I like to evoke emotions with my words and I am always excited to see it draw different forms from the readers. Writing gives me peace. It’s like that thing I call home and can come to and it’s also something takes me away on a ride and a rollercoaster and gives me freedom.

Q: I can relate to the rollercoaster part. So, what brought about you writing ‘George’s Pieces of Me’ and what is its underlying message?

A: When I wanted to write the book, I was interested in telling something relatable in a not so conventional way. It’s just what happens around us – Love, Loss, Life, Friendship, Family, Hope and Redemption. This is what GPOM is about. The poems tell the story of a man called George from his birth till his death and the stories stick to the various themes of the book. What GPOM does is tell you that man is flawed and in desperate need of redemption, which eventually some of us to find. Some stories in GPOM will tell you about how priceless friendship and family is, others will take about hope and how much of a longing it could leave in your heart. Sometimes, it leaves you hollow, other times, it fills you up. 

Q: Has any of your books be read in a book club? Which?

A: No! Would you please get me into one?! Lol.

Q: What would you say were the challenges you faced in getting your book published?

A: There was the financial challenge initially but I am grateful to God that I found my way around it. What would have been more technical issues were easily bypassed because I got advice from people who had published in time past, so it made the stress minimal.

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Q: After #GPOM, what’s next for you?

A: I have other manuscripts I hope to work on in the coming years but I won’t be giving much away on that yet. Currently, I work as a screenwriter and that takes a lot of my time too so I am hoping you’ll see more of my films on TV too. 


Q: Finally, how can readers connect with you and your works?

A: My fiction series can be found on my blog: tomiadesina.wordpress.com

I am also active on twitter @tomi_adesina and Instagram @tomiadesina

If you are seeing this, that means you read to the end. Thank you!

And to Tomi Adesina, muah! Catch it. Thank you for the opportunity.

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