The Role of Youths In Nation Building

The role of the youths in nation building is too relevant to be jettisoned, as they serve as the back-bone of a society. They can make or mar a nation based on what is programmed in them. The task of nation building is very challenging and can be divided into phases. Everyone can contribute towards it according to his or her capabilities. The young people should be made to understand a specific project and its importance to the society. They should be given a suitable direction so that they can work hard for its fulfilment. This will make them satisfied by the realisation that they have been assigned roles in the nation building. They would be prepared to work sincerely for the welfare of the society and the country.
Youths are the building blocks of every developed nation. The stronger the youth of a country, the more developed that country will be. Most of the youths in Nigeria are also the architect of our misfortune in Nigeria because we have internalised the wrong precedence of corrupt politicians. We chose violence instead of peace and mutual coexistence. We chose the comfort of the moment instead of striving for self-sacrifice that will guarantee the freedom of this country. We chose the highway for robbery instead of class rooms. We chose guns, knives and axes instead of pen, paper and hard work. We avail ourselves all kinds of dirty jobs during election. We lack character and morality. The qualities of tomorrow’s leaders lie in the characters of today’s followers.
It is about time for youth to stop seeing themselves as too young to take up political leadership in this country. We must get prepared, form alliances, and structures, join political parties and begin to transform things from within. The truth is that our nation needs us at this time. That is an open reality. Some persons may try to discourage us, kill our dreams but we must persist against their resistance. We must begin to make our marks and build affiliations. We must know that for our nation to draw meaningful inspiration from the bursting strength and vigour of the youth, the youth need to reposition themselves as agents of positive change. So help us God!!!.

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Written by: Omosule Abimbola Lawrence, A freelance writer and a Social Analyst.

Facebook: Omosule Abimbola  Twitter: @Omosulelaw
Instagram: @Omosulelaw
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