Solace; healing after pain

I want to be closer to you
So I can show you how I feel

You’re like stars
My world erects
Around you

Your fragrance like Aurora
Revived my soul
Prompt of me
Nature’s blessing

You’re like the sun
You give me hope

You’re like the moon
You give me inspiration

You’re like the stars
You give me new dreams

I’ll open my heart wide
And accept you

The world seem endless
But I have you shouldn’t I be fearless?

You’re like a bank
Where love is stored
For you’re never
Tired of sharing
this great side of you

You came into my life like a sunrise
You penetrated every corner of my life eradicating every negativity, you fill it with joy so pure

My dirty soul
Was loved by an angel who
Cleansed it and made it purer than it was… That angel is you

I do not wished to fall in love with you
But every time I breathe the air, it reminds me of you

I’m the water
You’re THE channel
We compliment each other

They say miracles don’t exist
But why did I get healed you when kissed me?

Blow out the candle my love
Let me ignite thy fire

Help you let go of thy stress and fears
Let me help you.
Explore the paradise of
Exquisite ecstasy

I traded my heart
So you could have the happiness
You desire

The mixture of you and I.
Becomes the solution to all problems

If I give you my heart
Will you reject it?

The sky has so many stars
But only one moon
If I am the sky
Will you be my moon?

The mixture of sun and moon
Give you stars
We are sun and moon
Our children will be stars

You kiss me deeper than you kiss him
Am I the one you love?

The way you kiss me reminds me of the first kiss I had; it was so pure, so original.

It symbolized true love and happiness

If you ever lose a crystal because of me, I hope it’s because I made you happy

Break up
I tried hard to love you
But it seems you’re not the one my hearts want

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I do not hate you
Ijust  find no reason to love you

Let me buy you a rose
And your favourite wine

I am that moon
Which borrows light
From you to shine
Without you I will exist
But in dark solitude

Your smile is as sparkling as a
Diamond crystal

Dear love,
Now that you complete me
I am not the half of my own
Without you

I dig a graveyard of words
In my poem which smells
Only if you

I wanted you to be the cure
Not the reason for my pain

You dumped your soul
In that place of my heart
Which bleeds roses for you

Ignite me with love
You’ll always be my song
In the depth of my heart
Ignore my once
You will just be a story
In my life

Dear love,
If you stand for me
When I am alone
Then our Love will
Withstand the world

At the end of the day
I know that I love you
I apologize that it hurt
Even I am human

Every time I miss you more
I try to find the echo of your voice in my heart

See, my heart have been bleeding for you
But you won’t pay attention

Dear love,
In the world of chaos
You’re my only peace

I would give my every breathe
To stay with you

There are words
Which can feel your absence
There are emotions
Which can speak unsaid words
But there is nothing in these world..
Which can do justice with how much I love you.

To me. you are that moon
Which can turn my heart
Brighter than the sky

I’m always speechless anytime your thoughts came into my mind

How I wish I could be there with you right now and look into your lovely eyes

And now my hands are stained with your mordant armour

With your arms wide open
You came running to me
I long for a soulful hug
A warm embrace in your arms
To feel the beats of your heart
But I’m scared
I’m scared you might hurt me
Stab me in the back again
Just like you’ve always done

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Your heart calls me
By my real name

Light come only with you

I dream of your presence all around me where I look

I fall for you the way leaves fall
Without explanation
No justification
Nor apology

Kiss me In your midnight bliss

I knew if your lips touched mine I would have to drink from you always

You closed your eyes press keys and the music flows from you to me

I often wonder if I will wake up one fine morning and see you laying beside me

I know your are pure
And I feel you in my heart
I know the night will end
And the sun will shine again

How strange it is that I do not mind Now waiting for you for hours and feeling happy in the waiting too

Open eyes keeps us apart
Closed eyes make us one

Give me more dream to live on

A dream in the shade of a tree under falling autumn leaves
You will sing your song
Just to tree

And I still do not know what words to use to tell you what you mean to me

Till then my love you shun me while I choke in my unsaid words waiting to glow like earth waiting to bloom in A Star losing myself to find you

My body got the rainbow in, my eyes blue as sky my lips turned the rose pink oh what tricks did you try

You’re the painting I made
You’re the song I sang
In your arms is my world
My voice and tongue

Although we want to be together for ever but our heart has different plans

The one I loved never gave me the chance to express my feelings

When I saw your pics
I thought I’ve seen the moon
You shine so bright
I feel my heart leaping with joy
I could see my mouth trying to smile
And my brain telling it to shut up

Don’t worry about what my brain says
Just focus in winning my heart
My brain surely will obey my heart