On an earlier post on the blog i shared The Five Ps For Publishing On Okada Books by Ivie Eke, you can read about it here. 

Author and founder of Pleasant Writers’ Guild, Sinmisola Sinmi Ogunyika is giving out her bestselling books for almost free on OkadaBooks. The Author of Tisha recently announced on twitter that her books will sell for less than half a dollar; 80% discount from their previous prices.
Sinmisola Ogunyika is Giving out up to 80% Discounts on all her Books on OkadaBooks
Sinmisola is a renowned author of romance novels and her stories have inspired many readers around the globe. This promo ends on Thursday Sept. 1
Stock up your ebook library with an amazing range of well-thought out, well-written books.
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Review: Lie to Me, Dan
The Five Ps For Publishing On Okada Books by Ivie Eke
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