Short Story and Quiz-Rescued by an Eagle


In a far away land called Shumbaland, there lived a pretty girl named Sumayya. Sumayya is the only daughter of her parents. Sumayya was married to a man who mistreated her for many years.

One day, Sumayya decide to leave. She packed her bags to her parent’s house.

“What happened to you, my daughter. Why are you at home?” Her mother enquired

“Mama, it is the king. He sent me packing out of his house.” She replied

“Don’t worry when your father comes, he will know what to do.” Her mother said.

Sumayya’s father travelled to the neighbouring village in search of means of livelihood. Sumayya then stayed for a couple of days with her mother and younger brother.

Emaad returned from his trip and met his daughter crying due to the torture she had in her husband’s house.

The following day, the king came looking for her.

“Your daughter has been pretending to be sick. She is very lazy and doesn’t like to work on the farm. She has also refused to give me a child.” He said

Sumayya’s father took exception in the king’s utterances. Even though he is a king, and they are poor, it does not give him the audacity to insult his daughter.

“But, children are from God. My daughter cannot give what she does not have.” Sumayya’s father replied

“I know but…” The king continued

“Look, if children are the issue, I want to advise that you pray to God to provide for you. He is the best provider.

Sumayya’s father turned to his daughter saying:

“My daughter, please go back to your matrimonial home. Be patient, please. Don’t allow all those women to ruin your marriage.” He advised.

“Okay, dad.” Sumayya said

“You will follow your husband tomorrow back to your house. I don’t want to hear any complaint, again.” He said

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The king was very angry with Sumayya thinking that she might have exposed their marital problems.

Sumayya slept in her mother’s room while the king was given the visitors room.

In the middle of the night, the king got up from his sleeping place, brought out a sword. He moved towards the room where Sumayya slept with her mother and their dog.

As soon as he approached the hut, the dog began to bark. This made the king to return to his room.

About an hour later, the king went back again. The dog started barking again. This continued till the break of dawn.

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