Sally Kenneth Dadzie Welcomes New Babies (It’s Not What You Think)

Sally Kenneth Dadzie is a Nigerian writer, blogger, editor and bestselling author on Okadabooks. She welcomed her new babies (books) on the 13th of October, 2019 which coincides with her birthday. See? It’s really not what you were thinking. The “babies” born into the literary world are paperback copies of her captivating novel titled  ‘Stranger in Lagos’

See pictures of the newly delivered beauties below:

Stranger in Lagos

Stranger in Lagos by Sally Kenneth Dadzie

Here’s what she had to say to readers:


”Today is my birthday and I have beautiful birthday pictures for you.

Yes, my babies are here! In a couple of weeks, I’ll give you all the information you need to know on how to get yours. I’m still sorting out logistics.

This book is beautiful, more than I imagined it’d be. I aimed for quality and I’m glad I didn’t take shortcuts. It’s voluminous too, so all you bookworms will enjoy the time you spend with it. Stranger in Lagos is my gift to you guys. You’ll understand what I mean when the time comes.”


About Book

Halim Diobi is set to marry Eben Nosakhare, the perfect picture of a dream husband. Their wedding promises to be the talk of town, and all their plans seem to fall in place.

Eniola Adeoye has plans of her own as well, centered on Eben Nosakhare and finding a new beginning in Lagos.
Things don’t go quite as intended for all three, as unexpected curves ahead get in the way of their goals and leave them facing new realities in Lagos. They become strangers to each other, even though they are so close.

Stranger In Lagos is not your typical love story; neither does it follow the path of the usual Lagos story. Sally Kenneth Dadzie tells an enthralling and gripping tale of four young people, living their best lives and struggling with ghosts from the past in the city of vermin and lost souls.

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If you are outside Nigeria, you can buy on Amazon.  For those book lovers in Nigeria, read what Sally has to tell you concerning the book on her blog. Find other interesting new books here.

Congratulations Sally!

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