Olojukokoro- A Tale of One Pervert



The other day, you came knocking on my door… You wanted a chance to prove yourself, your sugar-coated tongue dripping sugar, honey and saliva.
I applauded your oration, you’re a pathetic great talker. You could convince Iya Ibeji to open her legs after her eleven kids.

But I am not Iya Ibeji… Go and ask!

You are not the first, won’t be the last either.
Like empty barrels, you echo loud promises. I should have fallen for them, right?
I would have.. but you see, I didn’t like your eyes.
Yes, like the lustful ojukokoro I saw them darting, even while you spoke.
My shests. Tutu’s bum. You perv!
I take it you wanted my heart and my shests houses it abi?
How about Tutu? What role does her bum play?

Your wise eyes couldn’t even decide where to linger as I pushed you out. It kept darting still.

You tell your cohorts how I am a proud peahen with too much sense. You wanted me foolish abi…

Now, I’m looking at you as you suffocate Bose in a tight embrace in the front yard. Yet, those eyes are still darting. You want me to see you so, I am watching. You wonder why I don’t squirm? I still don’t fret over empty barrels.



Written by: Jennifer Oriaku 

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