New To Okadabooks? How To Publish Your Stories, Poems And Comics On Okadabooks

Did you know you could publish books written in your language on Okadabooks? This guy writes in Hausa and he sells his books on Okadabooks, for real. The mechanics at Okadabooks were so impressed they hosted a twitter chat with him once, cool huhn? Checkout his site HERE

Anyways, lets talk about something different. So, you want to publish on Okadabooks? Cool, you could put almost any written content that belongs to you on Okadabooks. If your contents are worth reading and you publicize them, then you’ll sell big; really big. So how do you even put these books in the first place?

First, you have to get an Okadabooks account – or profile. Simply visit and Sign up for free. Make sure you sign up with your email, so when you have problems login in, you could recover your password with the email you signed up with.

After signing up, go to your PROFILE to update your details such as First and Last name… You can’t publish without these details. So, update them.

If you would like to publish Stories, poems, past questions, scripts and contents without images except the Cover, use this tutorial HERE… or simply check it out; We’ll wait for you…

Okay, moving on. If you would like to publish Stories, poems, Comics, illustrations, Magazines, past questions, scripts and contents with images in them, use the other method in the link below

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