Instincts – A Sense of Direction

A police academy can teach an officer about crime scenes but it cannot teach him how to search his gut and go with his instincts. Intellect can make a salesman knowledgeable
about his product but it cannot tell him how to read his client.
The dating service can bring the right age, IQ, and physical attributes of a possible spouse before you from its extensive database, but it can never
accurately measure the actual chemistry that will exist between you and your prospective mate
when you finally meet. Gifted leaders know that knowledge and talent are
not enough as they navigate through crucial decisions. Movie stars know the secret to being more than just an actor. Instincts separate the mighty from the mediocre! How about you???
Do you have instincts to know when you are on to something or when you are just going for a ride?
Your presence changes the ecosystem and alters the environment for better and/or for worse. In the process of adjustments, there will be conflicts.

Hardship can humble you but it cannot break you unless you let it, when expectations don’t run according to plan, you must be willing to change course, adapt your vision and recalculate what’s needed to survive.
Your survival instincts will see you through if you are attuned to it’s frequency. It will find a
temporary stopgap without ever taking it’s sight off your larger goals.
There’s no greater way to hone ur instincts than to overcome adversity, and successful people know that instincts transform adversity into


Your ability to survive has everything to do with your ability to adapt; this requires that you know your own proclivities and preferences, your default settings and disciplines.


You must protect your soft areas and use your strength to provide cover. Increasing the power of your instincts means learning more about yourself
than ever before.
Like all sciences, there will be failed experiments and lost investments. The loss of time, effort and money becomes the price to be paid when your ultimate objective is to accelerate and not just acclimate.
Inform your instincts and you will improve your potency, no matter what jungle you find yourself in!
Remember, the challenge is to accomplish your assignment without loosing your identity.

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