“The Ability To Teleport Will Help Me Achieve My Goal Of Travelling Around The World Faster” -James Iroro

Hey guys, this week we have someone who has made a name for himself through writing. He is none other than JAMES IRORO! Let’s have a brief rundown of his profile, shall we?


Gender: Male

Age: He forgot. Lol

Book Genre: Nonfiction

Books: Writers First Aid,  On Eagle’s Wings, W4H Formula for Becoming a Content Guru etc.

About: James Iroro is an author, digital publishing expert and creative director at INKGENIUSNG. A platform dedicated to helping individuals and organizations to discover, document and monetize digital content.
Grab your wine glasses, it’s time for the juicy details.


Q: Who is James Iroro, and what does your name “Iroro” mean?

A: James Iroro is an author, digital publishing expert and a life shaper. He is the founder and Creative Director at INKGENIUSNG, a platform dedicated to helping individual and organization discover, document and monetize digital content. The full name is Iroroevu, it’s an Urhobo name which means “wisdom from stomach/birth” which explains why I’m so smart. Lol


Q: Cool. So I’m really interested in the initiative InkGenius, when was it founded?

A: It was founded in September 2016 after a brainstorming session with a friend. But began fully in March 2017. The brain behind it was to help writers navigate through their writing journey.


Q: I’m also aware that you write, can you tell us about your writing journey?

A: Yes I write. It is shocking to know that I was terrible at writing. In fact, I had to use writing books till I was in senior secondary school. I failed most of my letter writing during English lessons. I’m not sure when this writing started but in 2010, I met someone at a cafe who is a blogger. We talked, and I got fascinated about blogging and decided to give it a try. That’s how I started my blog and began writing till I authored books and here I am today.

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Q: Interesting. I understand that you are a self-published author. What are some of your published works, and the challenges you faced in getting published?

A: So far, I have authored six books. Writers First AidOn Eagle’s Wings, and W4H Formula for Becoming a Content Guru, are some of them. Publishing isn’t an easy task, especially in Nigeria. One of the challenges I faced was getting finance to push through. I finished my first book in 2014 but didn’t publish it until 2017 when I found out about self-publishing. Aside from the high cost of publishing, I knew few people who would pay for my book at the time, so there was this fear of not being able to sell but with time I overcame that challenge and we are here today.

Jame's Book

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Q: Do you have a project you’re currently working on?

A: For projects, I have a handful. I have upcoming books and training scheduled for coming weeks. I will keep you posted on that.


Q: What else do you do for fun apart from writing?

A: That’s a tough one. I doubt what I do counts as fun. But when I’m not writing, I’m growing my online platforms or having brainstorming sessions. I hang out with friends as well.


Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

A: Ability to Teleport. One of my goals is to travel around the world. This would help me achieve that goal faster. Lol


Q: What are the challenges you have faced in running InkGenius?

A: As with every new venture, challenges are bound to happen. However, we have been able to scale through. Some of the challenges are getting people to participate and then pushing for more clients.


Q: How can people who are interested in joining your community or getting your books, reach you?

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A: They can reach me via about.me/jamesiroro or on social media @inkgeniusng/@semajihremo or via mail: Jamesomerhi@gmail.com.


This is it guys, now you know more about James and how you can connect with him.  If you have questions for him, feel free to write them in the comment box and he will be willing to attend to you. And James, thank you so much for this privilege to do an interview with you.  It was so much fun getting to know you more.


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