How to promote your Okadabooks

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So, you want to sell huhn? Okay, i hope master these tips. If you already tried them; take a look because we update them from time to time… 😉

Give your book a Cover:
No, not just “any image.” You have to be able to put two colors, images, shapes or brushes together to get your desired cover. Your cover image has to also be related to your story. Don’t use the image of a corn while you’re writing about “The Apple thieves” or “The village drunkard.” Give your book its own cover. People judge a book by its cover these days.

Socialize it: When you publish a book, write about it on your blog, Facebook page or a forum you visit often. Talk about it if you can, it’s your book and it took a lot of blood ink to put those imaginations on paper. Let people know what you’ve been up to and don’t forget to leave a link to the book on anywhere its posted. You can also do this on forums like Nairaland – Open a thread for your book with a catchy title. Review your book by describing it with a few keywords in a way that will attract readers. You won’t get banned, provided you don’t go about it the wrong way. Sometimes you have to sound like the publisher instead of the author of your book while reviewing your book, it’s normal.

Review: Another suggested method is to review your book like an excited fan who was glad they read it, that way you could make your book feel like a must read. No one will ban you for summarizing your book on Nairaland with a link back to the original book.

Get a book blog:
Author’s blog, Writer’s blog… Do not let the names delude you. An author’s blog is just like any other personal blog-website (with a different name and design) where a writer would showcase his works amongst other activities. If you are serious about writing or you have over one book and still write everyday/week, then you should get a blog/website. It could be a static page or a dynamic design with other topics and categories for your guests.

Fix the price:
Do not change price(s) of your book, now and again. Determine how much you want your book to be and leave it that way. If it’s free, leave it to be that way. The price of your book should not be the price of a brand new Okada (bike)

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Leave Reviews, Get Reviewed: A honest review by a friend or reader could really boost your book’s visibility. Join writing groups on Facebook. From there, you could learn a lot and showcase your work. When you visit a blog, don’t read and walk away. Leave reviews on other people’s books. You can even go as far as giving their book an honest review on your own blog, if you’ve read the book. Who knows? They might do the same for yours. A review is not really a testimonial but some reviews have testimonies in them. If a reader leaves a unique, positive comment on your book, cherish it. Make it unforgettable by turning it into a testimonial

Go Social, Use Tags: This is highly recommended for writers with few or even a large amount of followers. Once you publish on Okadabooks, use social share buttons to share your book on Facebook, twitter and other platforms. While at it, you could tag friends or mention them in the post with a lot of book related hashtags such as #okadabooks, #Newbook #Okadaplugs and others.

Link your accounts: The Okadabooks App allows you to link your App with your Facebook account. Once you publish a new book, you can share it to Facebook and twitter.

Give The App A Feedback: You can leave a feedback from the blog, anytime ( ). You can also leave a review on the Okadabooks app on Google Play or Amazon Appstore to help the developers and mechanics serve you better.

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