How to Fix Facebook Login errors on Okadabooks

Okayyyyyy, If you are having unidentifiable issues login in with Facebook on the Okadabooks app like you used to or if this is your first time and you just can’t do it then this tutorial might be what you need.
I will assume you can’t or don’t want to login with username and password – that’s why you choose the Facebook feature. But as a reminder, you can always sign up and sign in on Okadabooks with your username and password.
When this issue came up in the Okadabooks garage, a head developer (name withheld) gave us the solution and i had to test before posting – It works! So, lets get to it.
Now, to do this, i believe you are on the latest Okadabooks App. If you are not, kindly Update from the Android Playstore or Okadabooks’ Hompage. Let’s proceed
Go to from your Web browser. I used chrome on my Pc for this tutorial- When the page loads completely,
click on “Show All” to list all the Apps you connected to Facebook in the past! – If the “Show All” option is not on the page, reload the page or – just look for OkadabooksProd as one of the apps in the list. See sample below:
If OkadabooksProd is present, Click on the X around it to delete/remove it.  An option with a box might pop up like “Delete all your OkadabooksProd activities, including posts, photos and videos on Facebook. This may take a few minutes.” Do not tick the box before removing… Simply remove!
Now, go back to the app and try the Facebook sign-in again, give it at least 30 seconds to 1 minute to authenticate account for a slow network. Fixed?
Leave a comment below. Let us know your progress with it 🙂
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