How Long It Takes To Publish With Okadabooks

Whenever I get queries or sit down to take up questions about Okadabooks something else comes up; another solution to a different problem. Yesterday I explained the reasons behind a “publish failure” on Okadabooks to someone (post soon) and this came up; today we’re talking about how long it really takes to publish on Okadabooks.

Assuming you have a complete profile on Okadabooks; a profile with the blood of a virgin, or an account that’s set up with a valid email address and all other things that won’t hinder you from publishing your books…. It takes 2 SECONDS to publish a book on Okadabooks. Once you hit the PUBLISH button, the book is published.

Here’s the scary part. If the book is already published on the internet under a different author name or you upload the copy of a popular book belonging to another individual, especially for the purpose of earning money from the book – You will be banned, account disabled and you’ll never get to withdraw your funds. So? Don’t use Chimamanda to try to earn on Okadabooks if you didn’t create Chimamanda. I had to point it out here because we’ve never talked about it.

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It takes 2 seconds or less to publish a book, comic, poem, script etc, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Hit PUBLISH and you’ll find your book in the store – NEW books section.

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