How Did We Get Here? I Favour Ekule I Poetry

it was smooth as the steal
and every part tingled my body to a dancing step
the love that we shared was heaven on earth
we were so sure there would be no dart
like a nightingale and my bright and shining armour
we solaced ourselves with the fragrance of adore
we sang our love song every bit of the way
till we could no longer hail
oh the sweetness of my beloved
caressed in an unending love
As the wind could shout out the name of the sun
a mixture of sweat and blood
for there the consummation was made
and we needed no aid

time passed by and walked so fast
while we journeyed in the act
we had hurdles and passed it
with so much on the table we did our bit
our love, they say, was rare to find
the envy of others we couldn’t hide

But here comes a biting question
how did we get here?
I sit back trying to find out what went wrong
in the place of love, we were both heirs
he looks past me like I was never there
my heart before my eyes ripped in pieces
I couldn’t find the price for peace
how did we get here?
from a glued warm embrace to a no-see-face pass
I could dare to think my time was past
for my beloved runs a race
which prize I cannot raise
how did we get here?

oh to behold and touch him once more
that the fire in my bones would burn
for I never was a whore
turned on by the sweetness he bore
please tell him my heart is set
never will I stray on this earth
I’ll wait on him patiently
till he takes me in his arm tenderly

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