Highlights from Valerie Kerri’s JJC Handbook launch

Noop! The only way i can show up in these photos is to Photoshop myself onto one of them or be reincarnated with these beautiful people at Celestine Eleven, Shoreditch where the book reading took place.
Valerie finally decided it was time to officially launch the book and sign hard-copies for us on the 19th of August, 2016.
In attendance at the launch were:
Poetolu read two poems from his book ‘I laugh at these skinny girls’. Emeka BNC read four of his poems from his early days as a poet. <3, Cherrelle Morris, a new artist displayed some of her arts on the walls and the event was planned by Kenn Obi – So amazing Entertainment  & Events.
Venue:  Celestine Eleven, Shoreditch 
Time: 7.30 Pm
It was attended by about 45 people including various bloggers and socialites.
Wait! Hol up! Hol up… These are a few photos from the book reading…. Not everything. You can tweet at the author to collect ya pishure… @valeriekerri

Issokay o!!! We’ve seen you 😉

Mark Essien, Is that you?

Valerie, do we have to smile?

When he’s lying about the taste of Okra soup…

Hello too! Oh No… He’s waving at the food guy beside the camera…not the cameraman

You’re raising 1 hand, Okay, let her fall first…

Did you buy the book or just here to take pishures?
Is Okra really green in colour?
is this how to pose for a pishure?
You like the beards abi? They’re imported…
Your father told me you have refused to speak your language
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Valerie, let me pose with you before…
…he photobombs
Oya, smile… Smile joor
You’re special
Let’s copy them.. “You’re special”
Can i copy them too? … (Chorus) NO!!!
Hmmm… Congratulations again
let’s copy them
See am? This is the softwork pose
You again? I deleted you na

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