Hero Kekere brings back Childhood Memories

Hero Kekere (Including the Jollof Rice Edition)

Release Date: March 2016

Formats: PDF, CBR, CR-Reader –

Publisher: Comic Republic

Creator: –

Story: Akintoba Kalejaye & Ozo Ezeogu

Pencils: –

Colorist & Letterer: Michael Balogun

Guest Appearances: –

Honorable Mentions: –

So there was a day we were debating on whether Nigeria’s Comic Republic was dark like DC or well, not dark like Marvel. Someone pointed out that Comic Republic was all colorful like Marvel, i recall. I chose “Dark like DC” – You need to see Alaric in the first issue of Scion, “Hero? I am no Hero. I am Neither Light nor Darkness…. I KNOW DEATH AND I AM DEATH”
I am not talking about colors alone o. Scion is beautiful by the way but I read Comicbooks for the story. Even the badly drawn and colored ones. I am a story person and i tell you, i have read Ireti: Bidemi too… but maybe i’m wrong. Maybe Comic Republic is not dark.
Sam: dark, not dark, blue… does it matter?
It was a debate. For the love of Fear, terrible dialogues and plots that lead nowhere in Comicbooks!
Sam: Oh
So Hero Kekere is set in the present day Nigeria where Jollof Rice is bae and you have that one person on your team that takes everything seriously. In Hero Kekere, it’s Bidemi. She is badass in her own world (Ireti Bidemi) but with her friends, annoying!
What Comic Republic did with Hero Kekere was feature some of their coolest characters in a wacky universe where a group of mischievous infants embark on all sorts of crazy adventures.

The comicbook features Guardian Prime, Adeptus, Bidemi, Eru, Jollof Rice and some shildren that can cook for Africa!

It is specially for kids and those with a great sense of humour. Reading it brought back memories from wayback – sneaking out of the kitchen with food and getting caught by 1…2…3… everyone in the house. And then you run off with the food because everyone wants it too.

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Sam: Did you guys notice Alaric’s hair is like Bidemi’s hair!? Check Scion 1 from last years’s November and Hero Kekere series.

Sam, you’re ruining my article! Jesus, that was out of context!

Sam: Oh

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