E.X.O – Rise of AVON Will Push Wale/EXO as a Hero to His Limits – Roye Okupe

Like most great stories, one of the reasons why we all love E.X.O is because we got to watch him grow into what he later became and also understood how he felt about losses and his reaction to them. The setting might seem fictional but you could tell that he is very much human and humans don’t need superpowers to make choices.

In my last review on BellaNaija (about EXO Part 1) It was very obvious that Wale Williams had decided to help Lagoon city with his suit. A city as experimented upon as Lagoon city needs a Hero. So what’s new with E.X.O?

E.X.O’s creator, Dewunmi Roye Okupe recently shared something fresh on his Facebook profile about the comicbook.

Rise of AVON seems to be the latest upcoming title from Youneek Studios’ Youniverse about this particular character and we can’t wait :D. Apart from E.X.O, The creative character-based storytelling and entertainment company is also cooking up a whole new concept with Malika and of course, WindMaker. Checkout their website for more details on those two.

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