Comics: Get Vortex Comics On Okadabooks

Africans are reading. Wait… Scratch that. Africans are Reading Comics! Collyde Prime’s Misfit has  1,524 downloads So far and that is really something.

But Collyde Prime’s not the only one with Comics on Okadabooks. Comic Republic too…

Now there’s Vortex. Yes! The Vortex247… the guys that created those two MUMU –  Mortar and Pestle. And they really go well, except that you’d never find matured stupidity anywhere else than around these guys. No! They are not stupid… Wait! Maybe they are, with Maturity! AH! Just get MUMU JUJU already.

So, Yes! You can find Vortex Comics on Okadabooks. Click here to get them. Get MUMU JUJU first and tell me what you think about those two… Cos i was smiling like a Mumu while checking that comic out!

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