Clear Your Calendars for These Top 3 Literary Festivals

It’s 2020, the year of unprecedented times. At first, it was unclear if bits of the world’s “normal” would be restored and we can finally engage in activities we enjoy. But, hey, there is a “new normal” – virtual – and the level of adaptability to it has been amazing even in the literary community.

In light of this, here are three literary events worth clearing your calendar for.

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The Abuja Literary + Arts Festival has been holding annually in Nigeria’s capital city for the past 2 years. This Festival organised by the Abuja Literary Society has the encouragement of creativity in the African literary space at the core of it’s objectives. Its 3rd edition will commence on August 12, 2020 to the delight of enthusiasts.

Given the “new normal,” this year’s edition will be virtual in order for the literary community to safely participate.

“The Art of Empathy”

“The Festival appoints this theme in hopes of highlighting the importance, beauty and need for diversity and difference as well as the role of the creative in building bridges within and across societies.”


The Aké Arts & Book Festival directed by Lola Shoneyin is always a thrilling opportunity for African creatives to converge and immerse themselves in the beauty of homegrown art even as they discuss matters pertinent to the development of Africa.

Dating back to 2013, the leading literary spice in Africa won’t have its 2020 plans thwarted by the pandemic.
Rather, in light of the recent happenings, Aké Festival has been prompted to change the theme of its 8th edition from “Black Magic” to “African Time”. This is to further centralise on the need for Africa to regain total control of her culture, history and values, here and now.

AkéFest is still 2 months away! Stay abreast of developments.

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When life gets foggy, a creative atmosphere can aid us in readjusting our focus and re-engaging with the world at large. The Lagos International Poetry Festival directed by By Efe Paul Azino is one of such atmospheres where art, poetry, performances and highly insightful conversations usually abound.

This year, poetry lovers and creatives should be prepared for an awesome digital experience! Also, taking the state of the world into consideration, focal areas of the human existence with respect to adaptability and innovation would be explored with the theme “Love & Light and Other Clichés.”

Guests for this month-long event (October 1st – November 1st) include award-winning writer, Wana Udobang and spoken word poet and performer, Titilope Sonuga.

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