Chocolate City Comics Partners With Skillflexx For Red Tempo : Roig Reborn – Graphic Novel

I have been following Chocolate City Comics for awhile now and boy o boy, these guys breathe creative stuffs. I’m infected! They seem to also have a hand in the The Harriet Tubman : Demon Slayer cover competition which ended on Sunday or the entire Comicbook itself? We’ll find out soon enough

We stole this from the Chocolate City Comics page on Facebook:

“We are HUGE Flash fans (DC Comics) so wouldn’t it be great to have an ORIGINAL fresh African speedster set in the world of Terradopia with African mythology a splash of Science Fiction, Magic, fantastical beasts and PLENTY of action and comedy :-).
Well now we have one in Samuel Amedulla starring in Red Tempo : Roig Reborn!
The Graphic Novel is dropping later on this year with a potential anime planned as well.
We are pleased to announce we will be officially supporting Red Tempo : Roig Reborn as Skillflexx marketing and strategy partner, so you will be getting any info first via ourselves.
So let’s meet Samuel Amedulla…

Red Tempo : Roig RebornTeenager Samuel is a very excited, naive individual. Getting him excited about anything enables him to
become very hyper active which can prove difficult to stop without using force.
Samuels power is of the Roig aura tribe who were killed off many years ago, Samuel was born from the combination of Sarga (yellow) tribe and the
Morat(blue) tribe. In short Samuels birth should of never happened with him being born with the
power of the Roig, as it does not make any sense as the Roig (red) aura tribe was a pure bloodline which had no mixing.His powers manifest themselves as intense speed and Roig Aura shape manipulation.
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