“Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.”

– Chimamanda Adichie


Our lives are constantly lived towards a climax in a plot structure. We all are stories waiting to be told. You can choose to tell this story yourself.


The Memoir of Nigerian University Students (MONUS, pronounced “moan us”) anthology is an initiative that intends to embalm the memories of students of Nigerian universities in the museum of arts. In its first edition, the memoir pulled over 300 submissions across universities in Nigeria and secured over 2000 downloads. This year, MONUS promises to be bigger, better and more insightful.


Our goal this year is to collect not just stories cutting across several experiences during undergraduate years, but also stories and representations showing the ailing state of Nigerian universities and how it affects the lives of students. This, we believe, is important in generally assessing the state of our educational system.


To this end, submissions are now open for the second edition of the MONUS anthology.


Guidelines for submission:

• Submission is open to all current students & alumni of Nigerian Universities

• We’re calling for prose, poetry, short drama, essays, photographs & artworks that talk about your experiences as a student in a Nigerian university.

•All entries must be based on or inspired by true-life stories or experiences of students (and alumni) while they were in the university.

• All entries must be in the English language. Entries that use words from other languages should have footnotes explaining them. Where necessary, other footnotes are welcome.

• Prose should not be longer than 1500 words. Essays, not longer than 1000 words. Poetry, not longer than 30 lines. Drama, no longer than 3 scenes. Each scene should not be longer than two sides of an A-4 paper.

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• Photographers/painters should send in only high resolution images in jpeg formats. Every image should be captioned. Photographers/painters etc, images explicitly portraying nudity will not be accepted.

• Each entrant may send in submission across a maximum of 3 different categories. For prose, not more than than one entry can be sent in. For poetry, not more than three poems. For photographers/painters and the likes, not more than 5 images.

•All written entries should be submitted as MICROSOFT WORD document to or through WhatsApp by clicking here (Pictorial submissions can also be sent as attachments to the same email).

• Documents should be typed in;
Times New Roman,
Font size 12,
1.5 line spacing.
The text should also be justified for all submissions except for poetry where any is allowable.

• Each entry must be accompanied by a short bio of the author. The bio should contain a short description of the author, name of University, department, level of study & social media handles. The bio must not exceed 70words.


Submit your Entries now!



The top 7 entries as selected by our editors will receive a cash prize of N10,000 each

The MONUS Anthology is currently being supported by the following writing organizations:

MONUS Anthology is open to partnerships & collaborations. We are interested in working with more university brands, PRs and university writing organizations in Nigeria on this project.

For further enquiries, send an email to  or message us on WhatsApp

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