Ever tried to search for “Book clubs in Nigeria” on Google? How many book clubs came up on the search results page? One, maybe two? Well, we did this exercise and guess how many we found? your guess is as good as mine! So we decided to change this narrative and set up a platform that showcases Book Clubs all around the country.


Bookclubs.com.ng was created by Magnus Okeke to show you all the book clubs in Nigeria – When and where they meet and how to reach out to them.  We can’t possibly reach out to all the book clubs in Nigeria so we set the system to allow anyone register a book club or make posts related to books and literature while we moderate them. You can review books here and post anything related to literature – literary meetups/books/bookstores/book(insert anything related).


You can register here for free and then go to https://bookclubs.com.ng/wp-admin/  to make a post.
If you would like to list a Club, Place or Meetup, click here instead


So, get your book club listed and let us know if you send out announcements to your Bookclub members every month. You could put the announcement here as well (you have access to post announcements) and we’ll promote it with Facebook Ads to help others outside your group or region to join you read the book of the month or meet up as well.


We added a blog with VITAL updates to spice things up.  You have access to post too. See it here


Don’t forget: You can also make posts or announcements by visiting the Dashboard: https://bookclubs.com.ng/wp-admin/ while logged on on the site.


It’s all FREE