6 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Audiobooks

While one might not be able to curl up with them, smell their fresh pages, dog-ear, bookmark, or even fling them across the room when a character makes a terrible decision, audiobooks are still great if you are looking to explore the world of books or catch up on some reading beyond the traditional book-in-hand system.

An Easy Way Out

With audiobooks, you get more physical storage space in your house and don’t have to worry about wear-and-tear in the long-run because all your books are digital. Also, no need to subject your eyes to page after page of endless roaming between words. Simply close your tired eyes and let the words wash over you. Easy peasy. Just try not to fall asleep!

Attainment of Reading Goals

Let’s face it. Sometimes, the sight of a three-hundred-paged book sitting on a desk can make a busy person groan inwardly. Audiobooks provide an avenue to quit amassing a never-ending to-be-read pile and just get down to actually “reading,” thereby increasing the rate at which one reads and gains knowledge on areas that might otherwise be overlooked. This should not be confused with speed reading; no need to rush through, take your time and enjoy the book.

Flexibility to Multitask

The world has become increasingly demanding of our time – work, family, studies, and so on – and everything is practically screaming for attention. Hence, the opportunity to sit with a book for hours might require a miracle for many people. Audiobooks to the rescue! They offer the much-needed flexibility to read wherever and whenever – dreary commute to work, while taking a walk or doing the dishes, in traffic, or even during workouts. What matters is that you are actually paying attention so as to piece ideas together and not get sidetracked.


Premium Entertainment

With the right narrator, an audiobook can add some intellectual spice to your day. Make that everyone’s day because you can listen alongside other people and have discussions afterwards. More so, if you are on a road trip, your arrival will be fast-tracked while you are fully engrossed in the storytelling. In addition, while listening to the narrator, you can better ascertain the mood, tone, setting and meaning behind certain phrases, words or exclamations as opposed to reading physical books where you are more likely to fall into the pit of assumption.

Improved Communication

Audiobooks can help you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation of words. If you are not a Native English speaker, listening to one can support in polishing your verbal skills overtime.

Increased memory

When one actively listens and oats attention to something, the brain takes note. This might not be the case for everyone, but for auditory learners, it’s powerful because they are more likely to retain information, strengthen their memory on certain details when the situation calls for it.

Are you ready to give audiobooks a try or you still need convincing? Or maybe you’ve been in the game? Share your experience with us.

P.S. If you have tried audiobooks and find yourself getting lulled into sleep after a few minutes, then maybe you should seriously reconsider disciplining yourself to create time for your first love – hardcopies (except, of course, you have insomnia and you discovered audiobooks help).

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